Our Mission

The Mission of Rolesville Baptist Church is to glorify God through serving, teaching, and loving all people.

Our Vision

Rolesville Baptist Church affirms that Jesus Christ is Lord and that His Word is the sole authority for faith and practice. We believe that every Christian is free to interpret scriptures as led by the Holy Spirit. We are committed to building up the body of Christ and to reaching out to the community through Bible teaching that is relevant to our times, through ministries that encourage and strengthen the individual and family, and through compassionate response to the personal needs of others. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to fulfill the command of Christ to take the Gospel to the whole world. We accomplish this through worship, teaching, and fellowship that strengthens the unique blend of individuals, couples, and families God brings together in this church.

Our Core Values

Rolesville Baptist Church is a theologically moderate Baptist church. We are an inclusive family of faith which supports and affirms that God gifts and calls both men and women to service.

Worship - We experience and magnify the presence of God in every aspect of worship, both corporately (as a church body) and privately (as individual Christians).

Missions/Evangelism - We reach out to the community and beyond by ministering to the poor, sick, lonely, and unsaved through our actions and monetary support. We reach out consistently to people who are without Christ, both in our community and throughout the world.

Maturity Through Discipleship - We provide opportunities for our members to grow in a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Encouragement Through Fellowship - We believe members are called together in love, leaving no one out. Times of fellowship encourage friendship and thus strengthen the body of believers, builds unity, and provides for growth and care giving.

Developing Strong Families - We strengthen every family unit, whether it is an individual, a single parent home, blended family, or a traditional family.

Stewardship - We lead each member of Rolesville Baptist Church in becoming a godly manager of all resources, not just financial.