Our History

In October 1834, twenty-two members of the Rogers Cross Roads Baptist Church, which is now Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church, left their church (in good standing) to constitute a regular Baptist church in Rolesville. On December 26, 1834, a presbytery consisting of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Wait, the Rev. Amos J. Battle, and the Rev. John Armstrong met with the twenty-two dismissed members of the Rogers Crossroads Church in Rolesville. The Rev. John Armstrong delivered the first sermon. The Rev. Dr. Samuel Wait, of Wake Forest College, gave the prayer of blessing and extended the welcoming right hand of fellowship to the members of the newly constituted church

In 1878 the church built a sanctuary and adjoining classrooms. In 1938, educational space was built to the sanctuary building by men in the church and community. In 1963 a new educational building was built that included a kitchen and fellowship hall. In 1995 the sanctuary was remodeled. A new family life center was completed in 2003.

Some 23 persons, men and women, have been ordained to the ministry by the Rolesville Baptist Church. They serve in various parts of our land and world as pastors, staff persons, professors, and missionaries. Wherever they go, the investments and memories of the Rolesville Baptist Church in their lives go with them. Likewise, their ministry, work, and fellowship among us have helped fashion and secure our ministry in this community. It has been the privilege and responsibility of the Rolesville Baptist Church to minister to many college and seminary students throughout its history.

For many years, Rolesville Baptist Church has been a stable force in our community. From its beginnings in 1834 to the present day, the real story of the church is to be found in the generosity and goodwill of its people. From the smallest to the greatest mission enterprises, the people of Rolesville have tried to give their best to the Lord of the church. We have tried to be a blessing to others because we have been greatly blessed.